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The safest, most effective, scientifically sound disease management products on the market since 1998.

Our goal is to help you:

  • Increase your profits
  • Lessen fish losses
  • Offer healthier fish to your customers
  • Provide your customers the best aquatic medications

Ruby Reef products contain NO harmful ingredients, NO copper, No malachite green, NO methylene blue;
yet they have been proven to be extremely effective in the elimination and control of external parasites and harmful bacterial infections. Kick-Ich, Rally and HydroPlex were created using the best technology and are the state of the art in treating a wide variety of problems encountered in the aquatics industry.



A dip for cleaning new arrivals of external parasites, bacteria, fungi & algae. Effective in healingopen wounds.


Proven to eliminate Ich by interrupting the free swimming stage of the Ich life cycle. Reef safe.


Eliminates external parasites, Marine Velvet, Dinoflagellates, Clownfish Disease, Gill Flukes and eliminates gram negative bacterial infections, Fin Rot and Tail Rot. Reef safe.

It is essential to the successful hobbyist to have the best possible remedy to the problems associated with parasites, bacteria and other pathogens. Ruby Reef has created the very best answers to the problems facing hobbyists and aquarists with these issues. Our products, created by scientists at Johns Hopkins University Research and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, are the safest and most effective remedies available in the industry.

Kick-Ich and Rally are reef safe and are designed to be used in the aquarium to treat the problem. Many times you cannot remove the fish from the aquarium, short of tearing it apart, in order to get the infected fish and put them in a hospital tank for treatment. We recommend using Kick-Ich and Rally together and also package them in a combo pack. There are a number of organisms that can be mistaken for Ich which easily leads to misdiagnosis. Additionally, the treatment of secondary infections from Ich parasites boring into the flesh of the fish must be addressed. The solution is the simultaneous use of Rally with Kick-Ich. Together they treat Ich, bacterial infections resulting from tissue damage and possible misdiagnosis such as marine velvet.

HydroPlex will clean the fish by penetrating into the flesh and gills and around the eyes to remove any and all active parasites, bacteria and other organisms that it comes in contact with in just a 10 minute dip. Nothing could be easier and nothing else you can do is better than what this product does to help get that fish cleaned so it can be introduced into the display tank and not cause a problem with bringing in parasites or other infections. Previous to HydroPlex there was no product available to clean the fish. Proper protocol calls for quarantining fish in an isolated tank for up to 3 months. Even then, a problem may not show up and most hobbyists do not quarantine their fish. There is no other product like it. HydroPlex is such a fantastic product that every store should be selling it.

We created the 2 oz. (single use) bottle of HydroPlex and a box that holds 24 bottles in an attractive display to be placed at the fish bagging station or the cash register to sell as an easy add-on sale for any fish sold at the store. We priced it to sell for under $5.00 (easy sale).

In addition to packaging our products for retail sales, we also make our products for retail stores to use in house as well as for wholesale livestock and maintenance companies. Our bulk packaging in 2.5 and 5 gallon cubetainers makes it more affordable for large systems and multiple tanks. By using Ruby Reef products in your store, you can feel confident that your fish will have the healthiest start possible and will have been given the greatest chance for recovery from parasites and bacterial infections.

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